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Uppdaterad: jan 21

There are many of you who have contacted me asked if there will be an Operakällaren Foundation 2020. My answer is short and sweet. Of course!

We usually arrange Operakällaren Foundation in the beginning of September every year, but due to the corona pandemic, we have had to postpone the event this year. Instead, it will happen on October 19. This year's Operakällaren Foundation will be a little smaller and more intimate than before, but we promise that it will be just as fantastic as usual.

The world’s need is greater than ever and people's need for our help is urgent. As before, all the money we raise this year will go to WaterAid's vital work in Ethiopia. This year, however, the money goes especially to more hospitals and health centers in the country for them have access to clean water and the possibility of god hygiene. Something that of course is always extremely important, but perhaps even more important right now given the corona pandemic.

We have some absolutely incredible guests ready for the breakfast seminar, and in the evening there will be world-class entertainment and we will experience a gastronomic menu signed Stefano Catenacci.

Keep an eye out here - more information will be coming soon.

/ Abbe Ibrahim, Founder of Operakällaren Foundation and CEO of Operakällaren

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